Friday, March 29, 2013

Merriment and a Food Baby

Hand carved and hand painted detail on the head of a cane.

Last Saturday, the hubby and I decided to spend out day enjoying the wonderful weather outside at the Arizona Renaissance Festival. We go every year and always have such a great time. As is tradition, we came absolutely starving and headed to the booth serving falafel and gyros. My falafel was flavorful and delicious! My only complaint being that they did not toast the pita so it broke into pieces after the first bite, causing me to finish eating using a fork. A little too modern for me when at the Ren. Fest. Oh well...the honey mead made up for the imperfections of my falafel and went down a bit too easy.  I tried to make the tiny cup last through the Tortuga Twins show, which proved to be difficult and required careful calculation and self control. Food versus belly round two offered the shrimp and chips. What did I tell you? I have to eat with my hands when at the festival. Surprisingly for festival food, the shrimp was perfectly crisp and cooked to a perfect golden-brown. The fries were pretty good too, salty but kinda greasy.

On the way to see the Ded Bob Show, Morgan stopped to purchase every single variety of garlic spice mixes, as is our yearly tradition. He is phenomenal at using these mixes in creative ways in dishes, from Mexican to casseroles to pizza. They really are so nicely balanced in flavor that it makes flavoring dished mindlessly easy. Meanwhile, I stopped for another mead and took in all the colorful wares for sale…..

The show was as expected. Many were Bobitized, children were harassed by a puppet, and a few drunken fools made for a good show on stage. I’m a dork, what can I say? I love all that is Ren Fest! This lovely merriment was followed by a quickly spawned food baby, induced from my great idea to eat a baklava and a cinnamon roll (don’t judge me). I ate two meals, so why not two desserts? Alas, our day ended here as I was in much need of an afternoon nap. I hope you enjoy the photos of our excursion to the Arizona Renaissance Festival.

Thanks for catching up with me and have a relaxing weekend!