Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sitting in Your Hand

 This wall is what inspired our impromptu shoot

 Necklace that was a gift from my mom:)

 I probably carry this bag too much, but its so roomy!

 My husband posed me like this (he is too cute)

 Sunglasses: Prada
Silk top: Dora Landa (thrifted)
Necklace: Gift from my mom
Shorts: H & M
Bracelets: Forever 21
Shoes: Vaneli (thrifted)
Bag: Michael Kors

While driving around in Las Vegas over the weekend, I saw this great space that could function as a backdrop for some quick photos. It turned out to be the Las Vegas Contemporary Arts Center. They looked like they might be preparing for a function, but I am going to remember this spot for my next trip to Vegas. Since we only really popped out of the hotel for a quick shopping excursion, my husband and I found ourselves without a camera. Luckily, his iPhone did a nice job, so I thought I would share some pics of my most comfortable outfit for walking around Vegas. Thank you for reading my little blog today! 

Sunday, April 28, 2013

From Enchiladas to Escargot

As I upload pics from yesterday's excursions around Las Vegas, I'm starting to notice that most are of food. Weird. And, yum! I am pondering the thought that it is possible my super hero power could be to plan an entire vacation around eating. Now if only I could find a costume; something with a cape and expanding waistband would do nicely. Back to yesterday's shenanigans.....

After a long night out, Morgan and I woke up starving. I immediately called my cousin Marcella to see what restaurants she would suggest for breakfast and to see if she would like to join. She agreed to meet us and knew just the place. I really am luck to have foodie family members living in Las Vegas to help me find amazing restaurants both on and off the strip. 

Our day started with a delicious grease filled, cheese oozing breakfast from Lindo Michoacan, located at Desert Inn and Topaz. This tasty spot has won "Best Mexican Food" for the eight of the last ten years by The Las Vegas Review Journal. Since everything sounded delicious, I opted for a combination plate to try a couple of my favorites. The #18 plate came with a cheese chile relleno, cheese enchilada and rice and beans. Perfect! Morgan selected the #3, a plate with a green chile pork burrito, a beef enchilada, a chicken taco, rice and beans.  We all must have been famished because the massive, heavy plates of food were devoured in no time. After consuming what felt like multiple pounds of Mexican food, we did the only logical activity after; we returned to the hotel for a nap:)

 The cheese chile relleno on the #18 plate was so flavorful

Morgan's favorite was the green chile burrito on the #3 plate

I woke up refreshed, ready to walk the strip and do some people watching. Morgan and I again turned to my cousin to be our tour guide and (again) our time on the town started with food. Mon Ami Gabi inside the Paris Hotel seemed like the perfect spot to grab a bite while watching the craziness of the Vegas strip walk by. Everything we ordered at Mon Ami was superb! Our appetizer, the escargot, was perfectly cooked in a savory, butter-herb sauce. For an entree, I chose the Vegetable Farcis. It was a beautifully plated dish of herbed quinoa, topped with a variety of vegetables stuffed with goat cheese and baked to perfection. 

 Me and my husband at Mon Ami Gabi inside the Paris Hotel

Thanks Marcella for making sure we can see the bag of warm, french bread

Escargot de Bourgogne

Vegetable Farcis with herbed quinoa and goat cheese

After a delectable dinner, we headed away from the strip to meet my cousin's boo and enjoy catching up over a round of drinks at Freakin' Frog. This place has a ginormous beer selection and seemingly endless music selectin on the jukebox. I was sad to call an end to the night but I knew Morgan needed rest to drive the five hours back to Phoenix today. 

Woodward Reserve and beer chasers at Freakin' Frog

I hope you all enjoy the pictures and sharing our trip with us! Please check back later this week for a full review of our hotel, The Artisan, and a photo dump of our four days in Vegas.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Vegas Vinyl

*Please note, this post was written on and dated as a post for Saturday April 27, 2013, due to the fact that I had little to no wi-fi while staying in Las Vegas:(

On the Sunday of our prior Vegas trip, my husband and I were in search of new vinyl toys for our collection and really wanted to shop at Happy Panda Toys. We were so bummed to find that they were closed and made it a point to return this trip. After walking into The Arts Factory, it was super easy to spot Happy Panda Toys with its bright orange doors inviting you into the small, but well stocked space. Blind boxes and collectible designer toys from Kidrobot to RAJE , lined the well lit shelves. The selection of Pop Vinyl from Funko is incredible! The newest editions from Game of Thrones and Walking Dead were all in stock  My favorites would have to be the Sponge Bob and Rick Grimes figures. The store clerk was incredibly knowledgeable and helped Morgan pick out an amazing Mechawales toy made by Deep Fried Figures . It is the first collectible figure based on Hauke Scheer's popular Mechawale characters. 

We chatted about designer toys for a bit before heading next door to Hellpop!, a local comic book store. In addition to having a store packed from floor to ceiling with new and back edition comics, Hellpop! has a small selection of graphic novels and pop culture magazines. We purchased the latest Hi Fructose, Girls with Corpses and a graphic novel entitled Saga. Lucky for me, Bar + Bistro was just next door, because all the shopping had caused me to work up an appetite for something sweet to nosh on. The chocolate ganache lava cake with rice milk ice cream hit the spot and gave me energy to shop on! Hmmm, where to next? 

Bright and inviting front doors of Happy Panda toys

Las Vegas' first designer toy store 

Great Pop! selection with the latest releases 

Colorful vinyl everywhere

 Entrance to Hellpop Comics

Love this unique table at Bar +Bistro 

Chocolate ganache lava cake with rice milk ice cream 

Funky hamburger art at Bar + Bistro

Thank you for reading about today's mini adventure! I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend:)

Friday, April 26, 2013

Suite 425

*Please note, this post was written on and dated as a post for Friday April 26, 2013, due to the fact that I had little to no wi-fi while staying in Las Vegas :( Sorry for the delay on Vegas vacay blog posts, but here they come....

Have you ever gotten over the flu or an illness only to realize how wonderful it feels to be healthy again? Today, I am thankful for the return of my health, as I had awful cooties for the past three days! Knowing I had a trip later in the week, I spent Monday and Tuesday on my couch in a state of hibernation.  I am so glad the rest helped, and to be back on my feet in time for Las Vegas!

Early last evening, my husband and I checked into The Artisan Hotel Boutique at Sahara and Western, just off the I 15. It is an older, smaller, chic looking hotel from the outside with great artistic wow factor on the inside. The entire hotel is darkly lit with a gothic, yet lush ambiance. Before heading up to our room, Morgan and I took a walk around the property to check out the pool (which is European by the way...read: topless), the restaurant, Mood, and the ultralounge. The decor of Mood and the lounge fit seamlessly with the theme of the rest of the hotel, with black tile and mahogany everywhere. 

We finally made it up to the fourth floor to check out our King room. Although our room was on the small side, it had so much character with Tamara de Lempicka artwork throughout and darkly stained furnishings. We were delighted to find out room was just as dimly lit as the rest of the hotel; illuminated by four lamps and painted a darker grey. I love a nice dark room while on vacation because they are great for sleeping in late! 

Love the hallway leading to our room

Room number on the door of our Tamara de Lempicka decorated abode

 The artwork is amazing and bed is super soft

I am a dork and must neatly unpack before I feel relaxed in my hotel room

OOTD Day 1 (Thursday) worn with purse and arm candy below
Top:  Forever 21 (thrifted)
Jean shorts: DIY from thrifted jeans
Sneakers: Rock & Candy
 Red and black sunnies: Disney (estate sale finds)

 Michael Kors bag settling in day 1

From left to right:
Silver belt bracelet and silver chain bracelet: vintage
Thin silver bangle: James Avery
Black and silver handmade leather bracelet: from vendor at Phoenix Public Market

I did, however, discover the only downside to the meager lighting just a little while ago.....Kinda hard to put on makeup without good lighting. So, we are headed out to see the sights with me possibly donning the makeup of a clown. Oh, well. Here is hoping that bad makeup that happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas :-)

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Zombies and Dancing Bacon

Who doesn't love a cold beer and dancing bacon?

For all the weenie dog lovers out there

 Juno is such a great movie!

As you can see, I kinda have a zombie obsession going on...

While rearranging the magnets on the steel front door of my loft the other day, I realized that I have a lot of "mini collections." There are the obvious collections most girls enjoy, like shoes, handbags, and jewelry. But my favorites are those that better represent my personality, likes and sense of humor. Today I want to share with you something that is both personal and random. My incredibly awesome (others have said dorky, but I write this blog,  so I chose the adjectives) magnet collection. I hope you enjoy this post and have a great weekend! I am about to let Shaun T. kick my butt with Insanity, then do some shopping at my local farmer's market. 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Just a week away

In one week, Morgan and I will be heading to Las Vegas for a quick four day trip to celebrate his 36th birthday. It seems like it has been forever since we have been to Vegas to party and see my super awesome cousins, so I was thrilled when he asked for this mini-vacay for his birthday. Last night, we were reminiscing about all the fun we (kinda) remember we have had over the past few visits so I thought I would post a few picks from our last trip together. Our last few visits, we have stayed at the Riviera and found it to be an amazing value. The restaurants were great, the rooms were super clean and Morgan actually ended coming back with more money than he started with! Our favorite meal was dinner at R Steak and Seafood inside the Riviera. It provided beautiful atmosphere, attentive service and delicious food. Next weekend we will be staying at The Artisan Hotel for the first time. My husband wanted to stay somewhere different and the great Yelp reviews led us to this unique boutique hotel.

I miss you Las Vegas!

A lovely Pinot at R Steak and Seafood 

Mussels and clams with a white wine-lemon sauce.  

Booze + ultimate video game arcade = Insert Coins

Moonshine on a beautiful copper bar...

And my OOTD (from yesterday)

Dress: Lush

Necklace: Gift from my mom:)

Rings and Bag: Vintage
Socks: Forever 21
Shoes: Franco Sarto

I feel like such an awful blogger this week. Between working, doing Insanity, trying to cook healthy at home and such, it has been way too long since my last post. I do apologize. But I was also busy thrifting for some amazing items for my shop, and maybe a few for me as well;) Since I have set the goal of three blog posts a week for myself, I better get busy on fun content for the next two days. Hmmmm. However, right now I am getting ready for a day of uploading these new items to the shop, so stop by again later to see some great unique vintage finds! Also, please follow me on Instagram to get instant notification when new items are up in my Etsy store. Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely day!!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Karate Napkins and Pyrex

 Vintage tray, gloves, book and earrings

 Does anyone else love the smell of old books...?

 Vintage Teek Orr clutch

Ok, not vintage but super cute lolita-esque shoes and sparkly, gold toe flats were necessities

 Palms in Phoenix

 Shady streets are hard to come by in Phoenix

Mural at McKinley and 1st

Enough said

This has been an amazing weekend already for estate and garage sale treasures! It's always this time of year, when the weather is just perfect here in Phoenix, that you can't drive into a residential area without seeing multiple bright neon signs exclaiming "SALE TODAY." Much to my husband's happiness, I started my estate and garage sale shopping yesterday, to get first pick at the sales running the entire weekend. Morgan is not the biggest fan of  garage sale shopping, so he loves when I go while he is at work. I, however, usually prefer to go on Sunday when you can score some amazing vintage items at an even greater discount (and then have my husband to carry everything as I walk around the estate sale). 

As you see from the above pics, I scored a few amazing treasures over the past couple days. By far, my favorite finds are the red, Pyrex bowl (great for making cookie dough) and the karate napkins that I proudly purchased for 50 cents. I feel the need to throw a party themed solely on the napkins. Maybe I'll invite Chuck Norris....

Anywho, I just wanted to share a couple pictures of my finds that I will be styling in future blog posts and/or selling in my shop. The other photos are ones I have taken this week while driving around Phoenix, partaking in my usual shenanigans. Thank you for checking out today's post and enjoy the rest of your weekend :-)!