Sunday, April 7, 2013

Así Es La Vida: A Restaurant Review

Colorful table settings with watermelon aguas frescas 

Refreshing, homemade margarita and my Prada sunnies

I tried to snap a pic before my husband moved in on the guacamole, but I was too late!

Recent special of the day at Así Es La Vida: Shrimp with poblano peppers in a wine sauce

So many flavors in every bite!

Flan with caramel and chocolate sauce

This unique Mexican restaurant, located at 24th street and E. Whitton,  is one of a kind and definitely deserves some praise. My husband and I have been dining at Así Es La Vida, at least weekly, for about 2 years now. We first found this local treasure when looking for somewhere to lunch on the one day a week Morgan works from home. Thanks to wonderful reviews on Yelp and it’s proximity to our home, we settled on Así Es La Vida. When we entered, a waitress immediately sat us at the corner booth. The bright interior was decorated with multiple beautiful, paintings of Frida Kahlo and enough colorful adornments to keep you visually stimulated for the duration of your meal.

Our waitress came over immediately to say hello and let us know a little about the menu. With a nice selection of homemade aguas frescas to choose from, I figured the watermelon sounded like a good choice. My husband was sad that he chose tea after trying my delicious beverage. It was light, sweet and just what it claimed to be….simply watermelon juice. It was perfect! Figuring we had an hour for my hubby’s lunch break and wanted to enjoy this new restaurant find, it seemed only necessary to order an appetizer. The waitress suggested their guacamole and homemade, white corn tortilla chips. Soon we were presented with a small and perfectly portioned appetizer that came with pico de gallo, a mild green salsa and a roasted, spicier salsa as accompaniments. It was exactly my type of appetizer! I love to mix stuff together and create each individual bite to be a bit unique. This can be dangerous, however, as I tend to end up making a mess.

We each ordered a torta; I chose the avocado and cheese, while Morgan went for the adobada. My torta was delicious, served on a lightly toasted roll dusted with a delicate white cheese. I can only assume my husband’s was as flavorful and fresh as mine, since he was suddenly quiet and did not return his torta to his plate. Then…. it was gone! I looked down, and so was mine!! This was defiantly a good sign. Throughout the meal, our waitress remained attentive to our needs. When she offered us the tres leches or flan as desert, we declined only because our little bellies were already full and happy. We happily paid our tiny bill (less than $25) and have been eating at Así Es La Vida ever since.

Please check out Así Es La Vida if you happen to be in the Phoenix area. They can be found online here, and this review can be found on my Yelp profile here

Thank you for reading my review and have a wonderful day!