Sunday, April 28, 2013

From Enchiladas to Escargot

As I upload pics from yesterday's excursions around Las Vegas, I'm starting to notice that most are of food. Weird. And, yum! I am pondering the thought that it is possible my super hero power could be to plan an entire vacation around eating. Now if only I could find a costume; something with a cape and expanding waistband would do nicely. Back to yesterday's shenanigans.....

After a long night out, Morgan and I woke up starving. I immediately called my cousin Marcella to see what restaurants she would suggest for breakfast and to see if she would like to join. She agreed to meet us and knew just the place. I really am luck to have foodie family members living in Las Vegas to help me find amazing restaurants both on and off the strip. 

Our day started with a delicious grease filled, cheese oozing breakfast from Lindo Michoacan, located at Desert Inn and Topaz. This tasty spot has won "Best Mexican Food" for the eight of the last ten years by The Las Vegas Review Journal. Since everything sounded delicious, I opted for a combination plate to try a couple of my favorites. The #18 plate came with a cheese chile relleno, cheese enchilada and rice and beans. Perfect! Morgan selected the #3, a plate with a green chile pork burrito, a beef enchilada, a chicken taco, rice and beans.  We all must have been famished because the massive, heavy plates of food were devoured in no time. After consuming what felt like multiple pounds of Mexican food, we did the only logical activity after; we returned to the hotel for a nap:)

 The cheese chile relleno on the #18 plate was so flavorful

Morgan's favorite was the green chile burrito on the #3 plate

I woke up refreshed, ready to walk the strip and do some people watching. Morgan and I again turned to my cousin to be our tour guide and (again) our time on the town started with food. Mon Ami Gabi inside the Paris Hotel seemed like the perfect spot to grab a bite while watching the craziness of the Vegas strip walk by. Everything we ordered at Mon Ami was superb! Our appetizer, the escargot, was perfectly cooked in a savory, butter-herb sauce. For an entree, I chose the Vegetable Farcis. It was a beautifully plated dish of herbed quinoa, topped with a variety of vegetables stuffed with goat cheese and baked to perfection. 

 Me and my husband at Mon Ami Gabi inside the Paris Hotel

Thanks Marcella for making sure we can see the bag of warm, french bread

Escargot de Bourgogne

Vegetable Farcis with herbed quinoa and goat cheese

After a delectable dinner, we headed away from the strip to meet my cousin's boo and enjoy catching up over a round of drinks at Freakin' Frog. This place has a ginormous beer selection and seemingly endless music selectin on the jukebox. I was sad to call an end to the night but I knew Morgan needed rest to drive the five hours back to Phoenix today. 

Woodward Reserve and beer chasers at Freakin' Frog

I hope you all enjoy the pictures and sharing our trip with us! Please check back later this week for a full review of our hotel, The Artisan, and a photo dump of our four days in Vegas.