Thursday, April 11, 2013

Gadzooks: A Restaurant Review

The Gadzooks menu

Gotta love all this natural light 
I liked the quirky counter (and my husband's toes say hello)

My enchilada and taco on fresh corn tortillas

A close up of Morgan's enchiladas. Yum!

At the corner of 7th street and Osborn, sits the newly opened enchilada and soup restaurant, Gadzooks. For what seems like an eternity, my husband and I have been watching this corner spot morph from a retail space into a trendy, cute restaurant. We were thrilled when the signage was placed to read that the establishment would specialize in enchiladas! I am Mexipino (Mexican-Filipino) and enchiladas are one of my favorite things to eat. As soon as we realized Gadzooks was open, Morgan and I headed over to check it out.

Gadzooks is a casual place, where you order at the counter and then choose seating inside or outside on a covered patio.  The staff was very friendly, greeting us and guiding us through our first ordering experience. The menu is short, simple, bursting with flavor and very well planned out. Step 1: choose between 2 tacos, 2 enchiladas (or 1 each) on corn or flour tortillas made right in front of you or soup and salad.  I chose a smashed jack potato taco and a sautéed spinach mushroom enchilada, both on corn tortillas. Step 2: red or green sauce. The logical choice was red sauce over the enchilada and nothing over the smashed jack potato taco. Step 3: your choice of asadero or Chihuahua cheese. While, usually my answer to this question would be both, I opted to try only the lighter, asadero alone, so I could fully appreciate its flavor. At this point, my beautiful concoction was placed into an open oven, where I could see the white cheese melting into delicious, gooey goodness. Step 4: choose a salsa. Though they all sounded delicious, salsa verdes are always my first choice. Finally, you can pick chips and guacamole or salsa and your beverage.

We paid and made our way to a table inside. Our food looked tasty and the presentation was nice, with the meals served in individual clay pots. My first bite of the spinach enchilada was exploding with the flavors in the red sauce, made with dry roasted red peppers. The mild jack and salsa verde rounded out the flavors without adding more heat. As incredible as my enchilada was, I have to say the taco was my favorite. The smashed jack potato filling plus the salsa verde was an even better flavor combination. I loved the texture of the potato and the chives were a great touch too. Morgan thoroughly enjoyed picks as well, a green chile pork enchilada with asadero cheese and green chile sauce (yeah, he really likes green chile) and a roasted tomatillo chicken enchilada with asadero and red sauce. The guacamole was a tasty side and a local brew completed my meal. I am thrilled that Gadzooks is in walking distance and I will definitely be back soon!

This review is also posted on Yelp here. Thank you for reading today! 

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