Saturday, April 13, 2013

Karate Napkins and Pyrex

 Vintage tray, gloves, book and earrings

 Does anyone else love the smell of old books...?

 Vintage Teek Orr clutch

Ok, not vintage but super cute lolita-esque shoes and sparkly, gold toe flats were necessities

 Palms in Phoenix

 Shady streets are hard to come by in Phoenix

Mural at McKinley and 1st

Enough said

This has been an amazing weekend already for estate and garage sale treasures! It's always this time of year, when the weather is just perfect here in Phoenix, that you can't drive into a residential area without seeing multiple bright neon signs exclaiming "SALE TODAY." Much to my husband's happiness, I started my estate and garage sale shopping yesterday, to get first pick at the sales running the entire weekend. Morgan is not the biggest fan of  garage sale shopping, so he loves when I go while he is at work. I, however, usually prefer to go on Sunday when you can score some amazing vintage items at an even greater discount (and then have my husband to carry everything as I walk around the estate sale). 

As you see from the above pics, I scored a few amazing treasures over the past couple days. By far, my favorite finds are the red, Pyrex bowl (great for making cookie dough) and the karate napkins that I proudly purchased for 50 cents. I feel the need to throw a party themed solely on the napkins. Maybe I'll invite Chuck Norris....

Anywho, I just wanted to share a couple pictures of my finds that I will be styling in future blog posts and/or selling in my shop. The other photos are ones I have taken this week while driving around Phoenix, partaking in my usual shenanigans. Thank you for checking out today's post and enjoy the rest of your weekend :-)!