Monday, April 1, 2013

My Family Monday

As a newbie, I am finding that everyday I discover another piece I never realized was missing from my blog. Ultimately, I am hoping that the bulk of my posts will be on my outfit of the day or restaurants and recipes that I have recently tried (quick side note-while typing this post, I misspelled recently and the first word suggested was rectally, hmm). In trying to take pictures of myself without a tripod, carefully balancing my camera on top of random piles of books, DVDs, etc., I realized there have to be better options.First, I considered asking my husband to take pictures of me, but in all honestly he is an awful photographer. Awful. Then, I considered getting a tripod. This would be ideal for my pics at home, but I am not sure about the ease of use when taking pictures other places. Finally, I realized.....I  am an idiot for not considering some of the talented folks with cameras that I call friends. So a quick call was made to the lovely Kerriann who was super nice to offer to come over yesterday and snap a few quick ones. I am thrilled to say that in a few days, I will have my first official "how to style" blog post with actual pictures of me! Until then, I wanted to share a few random photos of my husband, Morgan, and our two kitties, Muffin and Gizmo. 

Morgan and I enjoying dinner with friends in Las Vegas

Morgan on our most recent trip to Prescott on the patio of  The Motor Lodge

 Gizmo basking in the morning sunlight

Gizmo says, "Stop taking my pictures!"

Muffin after a nap

Muffin with bunny ears

I hope you enjoy these family photos and please check back to see my blog on how to style a closet staple..... the short black skirt!