Thursday, May 9, 2013

Lions and Tigers and Airplanes, Oh My!

Happy Thursday lovely folks!

 I need this Mutant Gizmo!

 View from out table at Pane Vino

 Best crab cakes ever at Pane Vino

 Pacific sea bass and horseradish potatoes

 House made fettuccine with shrimp at Pane Vino

Surprise birthday dessert for my husband to end a perfect meal at Pane Vino

 Best ginger ale from eat, Las Vegas
 Last meal of eggs over easy with chili, black beans, peas, feta and sauteed bananas

 Bathroom at the Art Factory

Random artwork at Bar Bistro inside Art Factory

I am getting ready to fly to San Antonio, TX for a few days of girl time with my bestie, Camille. She and I have been planning a girl's trip for forever. So, when my sister let me know that her graduation from Pharmacy school and bridal shower were this weekend, it seemed like a great excuse to show my friend the city I grew up in. Sadly, with all the wonderful restaurants and places I look forward to seeing when I reach my hometown, I can't think of anything else besides the flight required in order to get me there. Sigh, I know it is silly and not at all rational, but  I do have an awful fear of flying. Before flying, I look up all the wonderful statistics that prove flying is the safest mode of transportation. In the past, I have even taken classes on getting over your fear of flying, airplanes and the science of flight, all in hope that the knowledge I acquired would help get me over my irrational fear. But, no. Instead, I plan on getting to the airport a bit early to enjoy an adult beverage with my girlfriend. Yes, she too, is scared of flying. What a wonderful pair we will be in just a few short hours...

In an attempt to keep my mind of the flight (I leave in 2 hours), I am clearing out my camera and iPhone of pics from my Vegas trip two weeks ago and sharing the fun pics with you all. These are all the random photos that did not make it to the blog or Instagram, so I hope you guys enjoy!