Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Go Ahead, Make My Day

And Gary Baseman did make my day! I just about fell over yesterday when I checked my Instagram to see that the creator of Cranium and my favorite artist liked one of my pictures. Since my first introduction to his creative brilliance, through a vinyl art piece call Hot Cha Cha Cha, Gary Baseman's work has become a slight obsession to me. I have since collected a few items with his art work on them, including a lunch box and a few awesome wallets. My favorite item, though, would have to be an autographed copy of his book, My Hunger For Venison, that my husband gave me as a gift. I love Gary Baseman's artwork for being unique, whimsical and childlike, but with darker, adult oriented undertones. Imagine how my little heart fluttered when, today, I received a response comment from him on Instagram! I cannot wait for my end of the month road trip to Cali for Baseman's Bus Tour of LA. 

Front of one of my Baseman for Poketo wallets

Back of my Poketo wallet
Inside of my favorite wallet

Feeling giddy and lucky, I headed out to go thrifting with a sense I might find something amazing today. My destination was White Dove Thrift Store. This great shop benefits Hospice of the Valley, a local, not for profit, organization here in Phoenix. My favorite thing about this thrifts store is their giant clearance warehouse, offering even better discounts on everything from office furniture to skis. After not even five minutes inside the store, I found  a pair of 24k lapel pins that read "Ireland" for my father in law (don't forget Father's Day is June 16) and an amazing, beaded, cocktail dress to wear this weekend to my little sister's rehearsal dinner.  A visit to the clearance warehouse provided me two vintage purses to put in my Etsy shop. 

 Antique chair re-upholstered in a precious baby blue

Sadly, this vintage yellow patio set would not fit in my little BMW...

 Thinking of going back for this vintage Samsonite suitcase at only $2!!

 Cute vintage step stool at White Dove Thrift

 And close up of the owl painted on top...

 Ties in the clearance section of White Dove Thrift

 Great selection of LPs

 All the scavenging for treasures left me ravenous, so I called the hubby to see about meeting for lunch. He chose Middle Eastern Bakery and Deli I pulled into the busy parking lot just as he and our buddy, Dan, were pulling in to park. The owner, as always, was super friendly and we chatted, as I ordered the meatless dolmades. Morgan ordered the chicken salad pita sandwich, which he said was so delicious, it would make me go back to eating meat, if I would only take a bite. I did not, but can say that it looked pretty darn good, filled with veggies and goodness, including peas! In fact, here is a pic from when he was trying to force the pita in my mouth...

 Chicken salad pit at the Middle Eastern Deli

 Amazing selection of middle eastern food in the grocery area

This local favorite is on 16th street south of Osborn

Well, hope y'all enjoyed today's blog! I am off to do Insanity before meeting a couple girlfriends for drinks at Gallo Blanco and to watch some amazing dancing entertainment provided by Flamenco Por La Vida. Have a great humpday!!